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Sprint screwed me on my port from AT & T


Sprint screwed me on my port from AT & T

I ported over my 4 phone lines from AT&T and even though I did this at best Buy, the Sprint representative told me all about the porting credits and registered me and even gave me confirmation numbers. 3 months later, I call and find that sprint has NO record of this on my account even though I was given confirmation numbers from the representative. The "supervisor" I spoke to this morning says, "Oh we don't give confirmation numbers"... WTF Sprint? Your own employees don't know your own terms and conditions, pass along wrong information to your customers and we're the ones who get screwed for it? Thanks Sprint.

My point was not to be negative (at least as negative as one could try not to be in such a scenario). My point in this posting is to see who else has been affected by sprint this way. What's funny about this situation is that I didn't even know about the porting credits. I was calling sprint about something completely different and they are the ones who brought the topic up. They spent an additional hour on the phone with me afterwards registering each one of my lines I ported from AT&T and gave me confirmation numbers on each line. This morning, I spent (wasted) an hour on the phone with Sprint (lack of) customer service and they pretty much sad that it didn't matter who I spoke to. They gave me bad information and it's my problem, not theirs. Since switching to sprint, I've already had more headaches in a few short months than I EVER did in all my years with AT&T. I switched to Sprint because they advertised a better rate plan and coverage where we live. Though I admit the coverage is somewhat better, the rate plan is not. I just want to know who else has had these problems with Sprint and also would like to know if they've ever had a better outcome than I did. Cheers


Sprint screwed me on my port from AT & T

Since your new to sprint you will begin to get use to being screwed like this.  Its awesome.  Im sure the first of many more to come


Sprint screwed me on my port from AT & T

Sorry you are having trouble with the port in credit.

If you activated a new phone, brought your number to Sprint between 5/4/11 and 10/1/11 and registered online for a service credit, you can check the status of your credit online.

The service credit will be applied to the first or second invoice following the 61st day after the eligible port-in activation as long as you registered for your service credit within 72 hours of the port-in activation date.

Have you been to that site yet to check the status of the credit ?


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