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Stolen Phone


Stolen Phone


I was at the YMCA last night, and some kids stole my phone.  It was an LG Rumor II.  So, obviously in retrospect I should have gotten the insurance plan for it, but I didn't.  Is there any way, besides just getting lucky, that I can track/find my phone?  They say I need 2 lines for the family locator, but why can't they just locate the phone anyway and just pretend like I had a 2nd line?  Any suggestions?


Re: Stolen Phone

I have just verified that you do indeed need two lines for this service to work. You need a parent phone, and then the child phone, since Family Locator was made specifically for families to make sure they had an eye as to where their children were at all times. Text messages, and day to day / hour to hour updates are one of the features of the add-on, which sends a text message to the parent phone.

Do you only have one phone on the account? If you do, there's technically nothing you -can- do. But there are definitely some options. The first option that I would suggest to the customer, is to check and see if they're eligible for an additional line on the account. We here at Sprint have a policy on new lines of service and Equipment Upgrades.. "If you don't like the phone, send it back within 30 days for a full refund and your eligibility added back to the account, or cancel a line of service within 30 days without having to pay the ETF."

So, open up a new line at a store, get the free phone, and add Family Locator to that phone, and add Family locator to the other phone as the child phone, and then register After doing so, you should be able to track the phone. OF COURSE, however, if the thieves have turned off your phone, there really is no point in doing this. I suggest calling the phone to see if it is on, doing the transaction, and then locating it, if it rings and doesn't go directly to voicemail.

In any case, and with any luck, you might just be able to locate the phone and notify the authorities as to where it is. (You should have notified the Police already at this point that your phone was stolen and filed a report). After you've done this, happily take the phone back to the Sprint store, return it, and have the line of service cancelled free of charge.

I should also remind you that Family Locator does have a free 15 day trial, so you won't even be prorated for that.

That's typically the only advice I can give in the instance that you don't have insurance. My other suggestion would be to upgrade if you are eligible on the account, there are two phones that I know of, the SCP 2700 (Pink or Blue) or the Sanyo SCP 2500 (S1) for $0.00. Of course, you would need to sign up for a new 2 year contract in doing this.

I sure hope this has helped, and good luck finding this phone!


--Sprint Business Premier Care Specialist

Edit: Also, the two SCP phones are only listed online as Free. You cannot get them through Customer Care or at a Store at that price (that I know of) and it is fully guaranteed online as a Webspecial, and @ $0.00.

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Re: Stolen Phone

If you added the Mobile Locator service when it was stolen, there would be a chance you could find it. Its different from Family Locator for a few reasons and a much better choice for you

Sprint Family Locator requires the Parent Phone to have a data plan and the Child Phone to accept the service. Obviously someone that stole your phone would not consent to the service.

Mobile Locator is a service designed for businesses to track phones, but it can be handy in this situation too. The phone that is being tracked does not have to consent to being located and it works as long as the phone is powered on. You can see the exact location using your account if the phone is on, otherwise you'll see the location of the last tower used.

Otherwise, yes, you have to get a new phone.


Re: Stolen Phone

I tried the family locator, when my phone was stolen last year.  The accuracy wasnt that great.  I had it pinpointed to 3 houses and the cops wouldnt even knock on the door.  So I did, and all of them would just deny.  In the end, theres nothing much you can do, except disconnect and get a new phone.


Re: Stolen Phone

Same here @nanjay. I lost my phone yesterday and filed a police report but the family locator doesn't do anything but say that the phone is 70 yrds from your home location. But if you live in an apartment complex like I do 70 yrds isn't going to help you out. Then it kept telling me that the person was doing a lot of moving within my complex. Which was hard to believe. I sat outside waiting to see if the person would walk or drive by and they didn't. So I tracked my phone while I went to the store and it picked a street that doesn't even exist out here anymore and said I was within 1.2 miles from it. So I came to the conclusion that this doesn't really workI just got off the phone with Sprint to make a complaint and she said that the family locator is not meant to give you an exact location. I told her that was BS cus if that was my child with the phone and she was kidnapped how would they find her she told me that they did find a lady who was carjacked with her car by using it. But if you can't find me on a MAIN street it's hard to believe that she was found. Sprint needs to get it together.

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