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Switchers beware - port your old number with caution


Switchers beware - port your old number with caution

I was formerly a VZW customer who recently decided to switch to Sprint to take advantage of their bundled data package for my family plan.  I ordered 3 new handsets online, including a new Samsung Epic.  We decided to keep our old phone numbers and ported them from VZW to Sprint.  My package  of new handsets was supposed to arrive on 9/3, as it was shipped "overnight" according to Sprint's order status email, and a later call with an unhelpful but apologetic telephone CSR.  Unfortunately, it turns out this was not the case, as UPS has it shipping via "Ground" and, after being shipped to the other side of the country, my new handsets are not going to be arriving until 9/8.  This is disappointing, given the excitement I had waiting to open up a brand new Galaxy S when I returned home from work on Friday, but manageable.  What isn't so manageable is that Sprint ported my VZW numbers on Friday night.  Apparently, it is Sprint's policy, per the CSR I spoke to over the phone, to port the number sometimes before shipping, sometimes during shipping, and sometimes after shipping, regardless of when you receive or activate the phone.  So my family and I are now without cellular service for almost a week until our new handsets arrive.  I spoke to a CSR via chat and over the phone to attempt to see if something could be done to remedy my situation.  While they were very eager to provide apologies, they offered no solutions.  When I asked if it would be possible for me to re-purchase the devices in-store, returning the delayed devices after they arrive, I would be told that I would not be able to do this, as it would cost me additional charges in activation, etc. and that the phones I would be returning would be the discounted phones, not the full-price phones I would pay for in-store (meaning I would have to pay full price for all the phones after all was said-and-done).  Again, none of the representatives I spoke to offered any solutions to my situation.

You would think that with Sprint's 30-day guarantee policy that they would make a better effort to make the new customer integration process as smooth as possible.  The service that I have experienced thus far has been shocking in its lack of ability to solve my problem, particularly coming from VZW (which has always provided me with the best of service).

Be forewarned that if you plan on ordering online it is very risky to port your existing number from another carrier, as you could be without any service for an extended period of time should either Sprint or the delivery company make an error.


Re: Switchers beware - port your old number with caution

Please private message me your name and email address and I will connect you with a SprintCares Specialist


Re: Switchers beware - port your old number with caution

Indeed! Porting my number back to Sprint after trying Verizon for a couple of weeks has been the most frustrating customer service experience I have ever ever ever had in my whole entire life! It took me all of Monday 11th Oct, until Tuesday Oct 12th just to succeed in finally getting my phone to work again – over 26 hours later! I literally spent about 8 hours on the phone, holding being shuttled to and from customer service reps in India and all over the place, being hung up on several times, and none of whom seemed to know how to do a simple port, which I did in 2 minutes online when switching to Verizon! Furthermore, I did not have service all day and night until the next morning when my old Sprint phone was finally activated in the store as the had ported my number already back from VZW but hadn't assigned it to my phone! A true nightmare! (I've had my halloween already)

Furthermore, Sprint has charged me a cancellation fee which they still haven’t refunded despite the fact that I have returned to Sprint within two weeks. No one at Sprint offered any sort of compensation for the inconvenience of spending hours on the phone trying to do a seemingly simple procedure, which was finally accomplished at the store, which meant me having to take time off work to go to the store! If it weren’t for the fact that I feared I might lose my number as it had already been removed from my Verizon service, I simply would not have completed this process!

I would have simply stayed with Verizon or switched from Verizon to yet another provider, if I can find one that doesn’t drop my calls and fail to deliver my texts, which was the problem I had with sprint when I had switched to Verizon ( I found Verizon dropped my calls as well – but numerous texts that had been sent to my sprint phone that had never shown up, had suddenly been delivered to my new Verizon phone as soon as I activated my Verizon blackberry – which leaves me concerned about Sprint’s ability to deliver texts, and hence why I am inclined to yet port my number to still another carrier who can guarantee delivery of my texts and not drop calls!)

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