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The infamous... no record, incompetent customer "call supervisor"


The infamous... no record, incompetent customer "call supervisor"

Sprint does not keep record of calls/conversations incoming or outgoing to and from their customers.  In fact, you will never see the 611 or 800 phone number and length of call on your bill... NEVER!  Sprint says:  the call goes directly to them and does not hit the tower.. so there is no trace or record of customers calling them... well, then what about the call that they make to you?

I have called for 4 months to Sprint, prior to my billing cycle to set up a change in my monthly plan to downgrade my service from the $99 plan to the $69 plan. In fact, I was on the $99 plan per their recommendation.  I had been on the $69 plan for years... then I was talked into buying (upgrading to a smart phone) of course.  Samsung Moment.. the phone was a mess... glitches freezes, hanging onto calls, random dialing... I literally had to take the battery off when I wasn't using it since my phone was having soooo many problems dialing and random dialing and 3-way calling while in a call or failing to hang up call waiting that my overage usage racked my bill up to hundreds... so at their recommendation to upgrade "until I had my phone issue resolved" i had to upgrade my service. I am a full time student and single mother... yadi ya di da... everybody is on a tight budget. Point being I DIDN'T NEED THE $99 service that basically comes out to $120after taxes, etc.   Last November 2011, after 5 months of turmoil getting my phone replaced, I called Sprint and told them to set my service up to change BACK to the $69 plan come my billing cycle on the 21st. I didn't need the higher plan, and I didn't want prorated charges... well, the lady was AMAZINGLY Nice... you know, and then ALL WANT A REVIEW OF THEIR SERVICE... but did the plan change on the 21st... NO... come December  when its time to pay my bill, I call them... and say what's UP?   what do I get...  I'm sorry Ma'am we have nor record of that conversation or you calling, but we can set up it up for this month... on the 21st... livid i have to pay another extra $30... I say ok... well... come Jan and time to pay my bill... you will never guess what... YES, the plan has not changed.... I call them up and the same old lame a$$ customer service line... I'm sorry man, there is no record or conversation of you calling to change your plan... oh, but there is credits and record of the call for OTHER reasons, just not that... then I look at my bill... and low and behold... SPRINT DOES NOT EVEN RECORD THE CALL BEING PLACED ON YOUR BILL... there is nothing on your monthly statement of 611 or the 800 number being placed from your phone... how flipping ironic is that? Even the customer service lady that called back 3 times to ensure that I resolved my OTHER issue... no record of the phone call even incoming on my bill... This is now Feb.  The same lame excuse has been given to me for 4 months, and now they have changed it RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY BILLING CYCLE so they can prorate and charge more.  I've been a Sprint customer for 7 years... I pay my bill loyally... i refuse to pay the extra $30 a month for their service when my plan should have been changed. AND I refuse to pay their late charges for the unpaid balance. or the prorated fees.   My request to every supervisor every month I have called has been nothing but getting thrown around from financial escalation to customer service call managers that spend over an hour on the phone with me (but its not on my bill) just to end up in tears and nothing fixed or resolved.  All I want is my plan changed as of Nov 2011 and credited the difference in the two plans along with the late fees and pro rated fees. Allot to ask? I think not.

Im changing plans and they can eat the balance... unless they want to make good on their lack of customer service and credit the charges to a loyal customer

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