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Tough question about pre-order/upgrade. Please help!


Tough question about pre-order/upgrade. Please help!

My wife and I are on a family plan. She was able for upgrade, I am not. We both want an Iphone 5, but only she is eligible for upgrade, meaning I will have to wait. So here is the deal...

Like many others, I got up at 2:55am and waited on the websites of Apple store, Sprint, Radio Shack etc... for who would be the first to take my order to get it the 9/21/2012. After numerous screen  refreshes, around 3:45am, Apple store finally let me through to place my order; the other sites still couldn't place order. I pre-ordered it through Apple with the upgrade. After confirmation, I noticed Apple stores phone wouldn't ship until the following Friday after release 9/28/12. Disappointing nonetheless, but I guess it will be alright due to high demand, and I know she or I were going to wait at a store just to try and get one there...

Later that morning, I saw on a blog post in this community that Sprint will mail iphones out on time, & customers will recieve their iphones on release day 9/21/2012. So I got one through Sprint with the same upgrade!!! I tried to go back to apple store to cancel the phone purchased through their website, but I could not make a change or cancel that order due to "order processing: can't make changes or cancel order at this time".

Soooo. I have been charged by Sprint $299 (+tax) on my credit card, and Apple has also charged/held $299 (+tax) (has not charged card yet) and will get that phone 10/1/12 (it has shipped as of Monday 9/25/12). I have not activated iphone from Sprint yet for fear when  Apple finlly charges my card (after shipped they charge card), they will charge my account for the regular price of the phone (32gb btw).

Will this happen? If not, will I be able to activate her Sprint iphone now on her line, then when I get the other iphone from Apple will I be able to activate THAT phone on my line with none other than the other $36 activation fee?

Any help on this is greatly appreciated. 

Sprint Employee

Re: Tough question about pre-order/upgrade. Please help!

In this situation it's likely that when Apple gets ready to pack & ship your order they will see that this line is no longer upgrade eligible. In a perfect world I imagine that they will call you to discuss the matter, but they may reject the order request, or process the order at full price. You will find the best answer by contacting Apple. You should be able to reach their Apple Store support by calling 1-800-MY-APPLE.

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Re: Tough question about pre-order/upgrade. Please help!

Thanks for your reply. 

The iphone has already shipped from apple, and I noticed the pending charge on my card to being that of $299 upgrade... According to their guidelines, once it is shipped/received, they will then charge the card.

I could ask apple about this on their site, but what about Sprint's side of this? Will Sprint try to upcharge for the one bought from Sprint once its activated? Or will sprint bill higher on our plan once we try to switch my phone with the Apple bought one?

I'm not trying to get by with anything by the way, as I will gladly send the one bought from apple back if I do get upcharged, but why pay full price when you can have 2 for 1 at the same upgrade price ? Its not like I was trying to committ fraud and sell it on ebay for higher price or anything like that. Apple just wouldn't let me cancel my order because it was processing, and when I checked back, it already being prepared for shipment (couldn't cancel it).

We are both Droid users & have the data plan for those already in place. She is so frustrated with the crashing on her evo3d, shes ready to throw it of a skyscraper. My droid just really sucks beyond belief. If there were ever a droid to EVER not get it would be mine, but I can be patient i& wait if need be until I'm eligible for upgrade if I do get upcharged by apple or sprint (other than Sprints Activation fee...

Oh yeah, once hers is activated, will I be able to activate the other on my line though its in her name? I

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