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Upgrade "charge to" account?


Upgrade "charge to" account?

I am eligible for upgrade next month but I am holding out for the Evo to use my upgrade.  I am pretty sure the cost (out of pocket, minus rebate) will still be pretty high to get this phone.  We have auto tags due in the summer as well, so a big chunk of money will go to that.

My question is...

Can you charge the cost of the upgrade to your Sprint bill?  If so, can it simply tack on a monthly extra until it is paid?

I really want the Evo, but if the phone is too expensive...I will simply have to settle for something else or just stay in my Instinct (which I preferably do not want to do).

I know Sprint is in business to make money, it would be nice if they could make it easily affordable for ALL customers to be able to get a top of the line device and not have to settle for something they can afford.  Even if a billing payment plan is (or could be) instituted, that would help tremendously.  I know several other customers who have not upgraded just because they did not have the money up front for a new phone and are out of contract due to this.  If Sprint helped us out, that would help them out by keeping customers in least it makes sense to me!


Re: Upgrade "charge to" account?

I believe the only way to bill a phone to  you monthly  bill is  through tella sales or going to  a corporate store  however  i  believe the account  cannot be  a spending  limit account in order to do this . As far as how this works  I believe the full payment for the phone would be due on the invoice after you recieved said phone .


Re: Upgrade "charge to" account?

The out-of-pocket cost can be billed to your account as long as you are not on a spending limit as masticjohn said.  Whether that can be done online I'm not sure, I did it in a sprint store.  Also the amount will be added to your next invoice and will need to be paid in full on the due date of that invoice.


Re: Upgrade "charge to" account?

There are essentialyl three different ypes of credit groupings. (I am dumbing this down and grouping in generalities, there are a lot of diffrences but these are the major differences between them).

1. Has a Spending Limit, may have a deposit, no Bill to Account

2. No spending limit, may have a deposit, no Bill to Account

3. No spending limit, no deposit, can Bill to Account (Some immediately, some after 90 days)

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