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Where is the care and support !


Where is the care and support !

11 years with Sprint. Signed up and left deposit with Best Buy for the New HTC Evo 4g.  Found out Sprint was going to increase the 69.99 everything plan  10.00. We do not have 4g services and there is no apparent date for that to be included. I called Sprint Support to verify that fact. I had already changed my plan to 1,500 min. shared 129.99 + the new 10.00 charge  as my wife has the Hero on the everything plan at 69.99.

My daughters phone had not been used for 4 months but we were still billed 80.00 per month for 800 minutes shared plan after my wife requested the line be cancelled. Daughters contract expired Oct. 2009. Nothing could be done about that even though the phone showed no usage.

On the basis of the increased 10.00 for the plan regardless of their explanation,  it did not meet our approval so I called and cancelled the 1500    Everything plan and put my wife back on the 450 everything plan. I checked our account online to find  My daughters account and mine were changed to the 1500 everything plan and my wif'e plan was changed to 450 talk!

Second call to rectify the problem  brings an offer to reduce my wife's account 10.00 if I will extend my contact 2 years  and get the HTC EVo 4G.  No deal!

On line check shows my daughters phone is still listed as an open account, my wife and I are 450 minute talk.

Third call and 51 Emails sent to our Sprint account regarding all the screw ups they agree to remove my daughters phone. My wife's account was corrected to 450 Everything and I opted for the 200 minute program until I reach my contract expiration date July 2.

Unfortunately, it seems no one knows exactly what to do. I agreed with my wife to pay the 144.00 bill she has been getting for 6 months, I cancelled my daughters account and on my anniversary date of July 2 I will cancel My account.   My wife will do the same on October 2. 

Goodbye Sprint!  


Re: Where is the care and support !

I hear you 100%, also a customer for 11yrs in Oct. I called yesterday to see if they could work with me on my upgrade. Not only am I upgrading my phone, my daughter's phone and the plan, but I wanted to bring my husband over to my account. I had seen an offer on wirefly for 3 blackberry's for free, just to pay 18.00 activation fee, which is much cheaper than Sprint's 149.99 per phone. Yes I would get a 100.00 mail in rebate, but that doesn't help me now. The supervisor that I had to wait to speak with for 25 min, wouldn't even work with me, at all!! I told her I saw other carrier's offers and still..nothing. I to, have had many, many issues with sprint messing up my bill or problems with my (insured) phone, but I have stayed loyal and this is how I get treated.


Re: Where is the care and support !

The care and support becomes a joke when you have to call multiple times and get a different answer each time. One of my numerous calls was to a fellow supposedly named "Jake Morgan ?"  Every three minutes he asked if he could put me on hold so he could verify with his supervisor, who, incidentally has worked there since he was in diapers.  After thirty minutes and three checks with the fellow who used to be in diapers Jake advised me all was ok! I asked for an incident number so I could verify our conversation and results. " Sorry, we don't have incident numbers to verify conversations and requests or resolutions"!

"I would be happy to call you personally in 2 or three days to assure your satisfaction with the changes I have made for you"! "Thank you Jake it has been a real pleasure", say I, "to have a  genuine conversation with a person so committed to Sprint Support!"

Long story short Jake changed all the account s inaccurately, I had to call back and talk to another representative who claimed her name was Katherine.  I asked if she could check the account and verify a Jake  who made the changes. She told me there were no reps with the letter J in their name who worked on our account.

The problems many of us incur could be resolved promptly if there was a policy  to issue an incident number and the reps were held responsible for their inaccurate decisions!  As it is we get one story after another and in my humble estimation the Support personel are not trained properly and when they make mistakes they  are not subject to any type of disciplinary or corrective action !


Re: Where is the care and support !

Tell me about with representatives having to be responsible for the mistakes they make! I'm going crazy over here. I'm hearing 4 different stories, still no resolution. I'm waiting to hear back from corporate, they gentleman who had helped my in the past is going to forward my issue. Funny, it's considered their escalations dept. I really don't want to have to leave and I'm unsure about the wirefly site, now that I've been told 4 different stories! Come on now sprint, get it right!


Re: Where is the care and support !

I completely agree with you about the lack of reference numbers.  It seems like the representative doesn't even have to bother adding any notes to the account.  They can just feed you a bunch of BS and hang up, knowing that the odds of getting that same exact caller again are about one in a billion.


Re: Where is the care and support !

And the beat goes on!

Must have ruffled some feathers!

I checked into some of the pay as you go phones as my monthly usage is very low!  I did have them put me on the 200 minute plan  as that is the lowest I could go.  The Boost phone (Sprint) requires you buy 200 minutes monthly ($20.00) At the end of the month you have to buy another card and your minutes on prior card are lost.

Soooo, my wife suggests I calm down and just get a new phone with the 150.00 discount!    I reluctantly agree and go to our account page to locate a new phone and take advantage of Sprints Generous Offer to upgrade phone as " WE LOVE YOU"           for your continous patronage!

How fickle is love???


So much for love! Don't wait for the call Sprint Baby!  

Another ploy to control and force customers to do as Sprint wishes !  There was nothing in any of my contracts telling me I had to  have a plan of 39.99  or higher  to upgrade a silly phone!

Ever wonder why all their prices end in .99?   That's because they think we are stupid enough to think we are getting a cheaper price! Called Marketing!

Next call from me will be to cancel the service  (July 2) and on October 10 my wife will do likewise!


Re: Where is the care and support !

Jilted and with broken heart I reluctantly opened the Sprint site to view our current bill.

I was shocked to see there were several adjustments made which were in our favor!    In all fairness someone who I last spoke to actually looked at the billings and found in our favor!  That needs to be applauded.   Sorry, I don't know who to credit for the positive results.

While we were not reimbursed any for the 6 months,  80.00 for 800 minutes shared fiasco we did receive some adjustments which I am certainly appreciative of.

My wife who likes her Hero  will stay on till  October.

I with broken heart will  leave on July 2 for greener pastures as I do not  intend to sign up for a plan with too many minutes just to get a discount phone which in reality is not a discount at all!

Just wanted to give credit where  credit is due!    Thank you  unknown representative!!!

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