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Worst Customer Service Experience I have ever experienced....


Worst Customer Service Experience I have ever experienced....

Who would have thought buying a new Hero would have so many problems.  Coming from 3 years with T-mobile and moving to sprint seems to have been the worst decision in my life.  I never thought that the power trends customer service review mattered until I switch to sprint.  My hero is barely over a month old.

All I wanted to do was update my Hero with the latest firmware update that fixed a few bugs that HTC had (sms issuess, etc).  Trying to receive this update turned into my worst nightmare.  The advanced technical support staff suggest to 'reset my line' of my phone.  NEVER EVER DO THIS!   I learned the hard way.  No one told me after doing this that my account is now subject to the ETF of $200 automatically by the system.   In addition to this, it also changed my contract expiration date.  If I wasn't micromanaging my account no one would have told me that my contract dates were affected.  Also, another side effect of this problem was that my phone was not able to receive voicemails after the reset.   I was informed by this after a co-worker mentioned they left me a voicemail and I did not call back.

I was told by one tech that the reason my phone did not see the new firmware update was because my slot 0 data was corrupted.  The only way to solve this was to factory reset my phone.  Once this was done I was able to update my phone - this caused me to loose all data on my phone for a 3mb download.  Wwhat are the chances my slot 0 data will be corrupted again?  No one knows.  How about when I need to received my android 2.0 update?

In order to try and rectify the problems described above it took days of calling to customer service agents.  Yesterdays agent said she would call me back last night once she had all the information put together to solve my VM problems.  Of course she did not, but I never expected this in the first place.  Todays call I was on the phone for over 1 1/2 hours.    Today's agent Yenny (#Yen4476 a supervisor), was able to find someone to start to fix my problem, but when I was disconnected while they were trying to test my VM, neither her or her agent attempted to call back my number to reconnect after being disconnected.  This lead to at least 5 more calls and have to explain my problem to more and more people because of course you cannot be routed to the agent you were speaking with before.

Take this as a huge warning.  None of these cellular companies will look out for their customers.  If your not paying attention to your bills and contracts they will walk all over you.  You have no way of telling any manager or supervisor your opinion about how poor your customer service you receieved was.  I would write a letter to the corporate office if possible with all the names and employee IDI spoke with in order to try and solve this issue.  My time is money and all the time I spent on the phone with a CS agent cannot be returned to me.  There is a reason that Sprints is having a hard time keeping customers.  With this type of customer service, no customer will be satisfied, even if their plans were the cheapest in the nation.  I look forward to the day when I can leave sprint, and I am less than 2 months in my contract.

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