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Worst experience with cell carrier ever, problem was "escalated" but no one has contacted me at all...


Worst experience with cell carrier ever, problem was "escalated" but no one has contacted me at all...

I don't know what to do, I paid two early termination fees to get away from Verizon (as a forced Alltel customer) to come to Sprint.  I bought a Palm Pre and a Samsung Moment.  I took the phone home and it started getting so hot, I couldn't touch it and the screen would freeze up.  There was also the beginnings of a crack under the surface of the screen, straight out of the box.  Now, I purchased my phone at Radioshack.  So, understanding that they have separate inventories, I went back and got the phone replaced.  Well, they had to get it from a local regional store and when I went to pick it up, I noticed immediately that it still had a crack under the screen.  Also, this one couldn't stay charged for more than 3 or 4 hours, whether I used it or not.  I left it off the charger one night after a full charge and when I woke about 7 hours later, it was dead.  Now, the first phone, a full charge would last me about 10 hours or so, depending on use.  So, I called Radioshack again and the manager told me that he was having trouble getting a replacement Pre and that I should just switch devices, well I love my phone and I just want one that works.  So, I called Sprint, they told me that I could go to a Corporate store and get it replaced.  Not true, I was treated rudely after driving 25 miles to the nearest store, I was told by account services that it was definitely not policy for me to be treated like this and that I shouldn't have paid 700+ dollars to own a broken phone only hours old.  So, I went to a Sprint Repair center, I got a refurbished phone, this was about 2 weeks in.  I went to pick it up and the slider was horribly off track and gapped three times the size of the gap on the left side of the phone.  This third unit was hard to open and close and the power button was stuck and I couldn't get the screen to stay on long enough to unlock it.

So, I call Sprint after finding out that Radioshack stopped carrying the Pre because of the bad batch they received and can't replace it.  Sprint lied and told me the Pre was being recalled and I had to choose between the Pixi and a Samsung Moment.  I got very upset and called back and found out the woman in tech support straight lied to me.  I was treated terribly and went to the same Corporate Sprint store and they replaced it with another refurbished phone, which the speaker was going out in.  I couldn't be heard when on a call, the sounds were so quiet I couldn't use the alarm clock or the speaker phone.  So, I got Palm to replace it and now the 5th device isn't working properly.  This is all in the course of 4 weeks. So now, I have my 5th refurbished phone, it overheats just sitting there.  It freezes up, reboots, gets poor reception compared to the other 4, and half the time it seems like the touch screen isn't responding.  So, I am stuck with a broken phone because I am tired of being lied to, I don't want to switch phones and I am afraid of what will happen if I call Sprint or have to go into a store.  They have embarassed me in front of crowded store, lied to me, and refused to help me.  Is this how companies are supposed to retain loyal and honest customers? I don't believe so.

So after I found out the 5th device is defective, I called Sprint again very upset.  I was told that they were going to escalate the problem to Sprint Corporate Customer Care or something like that.  She said they would call and get the problem straightened out.  Which they have never called me.  I have been lied to, treated horribly, and paid about 700 to own a broken Pre from hour one of my service. The Sprint customer service reps tell they feel bad for me and this is not how I should be treated. I have been told that I will have a brand new device sent to me, then on the day it was supposed to arrive, I call in and the order was never placed.  I am so tired, my husband wants me to cancel the contract.  I was told by the woman in account services that she would put a note in the account that said I wouldn't be charged an early termination fee if I had to cancel due to this issue, but I am not sure if that is the correct course of action.  I have friends who have had Sprint for years and have had wonderful service, however I know two people who bought Pre's and they have no problems.  I honestly feel like because I like and own the Pre and there are some problems with this device, they don't care if I am a happy customer.  I stayed with Alltel for 5 years.  I have been begging my husband to switch since the Verizon merger and I finally convince him to and all I get is a broken phone and lies.  I hope someone from Corporate Sprint reads this and sees how their customer care, account services, and tech support treat loyal customers who have been victims of circumstance.  I have been nice, polite and calm every time I have called in and been lied to and treated like &%$#. Please someone help.

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