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emergency to my account


emergency to my account

I would like for you to find the phone that my son sent you back and take off the $275.00.  The number is ********.  He had (3) different problem with his curve phone, you offered him a curve 2 for his troubles.  Then he returned his curve phone by the post office.  I don't think that it is fair that the phone was received last month in your data log ( I spoke to one of your representative in Hampton, VA she called and they said the phone was there).  However, today when I called and talked to one of your representative I was told the phone is now missing.  I don't want to pay for your mistakes.  I would like to hear from you that you took the $275.00 off of my bill.

Also, on my other line ******* I asked that the game pac man be taken off this was not done either, please take game off,

my primary number for this account is ********, my name is *******, I wish I could see all three number when I pull up my account.

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Re: emergency to my account

Hi Sherry, I'm a moderator on the Community. While I don't work directly in the Customer Service department I can certainly take your information and forward it over to the care organization. Was Sprint replacing the device for  you, or did you send it in for repair?

Here'a  link to the Sprint  30-day Return and Exchange Policy ».   If you are exchanging a replacement device provided to  you by Sprint , call the following  numbers for exchange: Sprint devices (888-211-4727 or *2).

Find more information regarding Phone Repair and  Protection here.

Just a note, I marked out the phone numbers in your post to protect your privacy. There's more eyes on this discusson than just the two of us!! Also, when you log into the Community, you can click on the "edit" link (next to your name in the main Community bar) and change your display name to something other than your phone number.

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