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having problems with internet and everyting on blackberry tour


having problems with internet and everyting on blackberry tour

I am not able to get internet access or anything on my blackberry this something that i need to take back and have them download something or is this a problem i can fix at home? Ive been going threw my booklets and everything and it says there should be certain applications already on my phone and they arent there? is this a sprint store oops or something that im not doing..:( please let me know what i need to do if you have the same problems..thanks




Re: having problems with internet and everyting on blackberry tour

Sounds to me like the internet did not provision properly. You can force the device to reprovision the data and pull it through from the network.

Options > Mobile Network > BB Menu Button > "Update Profile" (While there you can do a PRL update too, but it isn't required, that is for roaming only)

If it gives you an error 67 or error 1012 then there are a couple options. Yuo can wipe the device and it will fix the issue, and activate itself and you shouldn't have a problem at all. You can do this by going to Options > Security Settings > General Settings > BB Menu Button > "Wipe Handheld". You will lose everything on the phone, so make sure you use the Blackberry Desktop Manager to backup your information before you wipe it.

The other option is to call technical support or go into a store, but chances are they will have you go through the same steps. The only additional help they would offer would be if that did not work. But if reprovisioning it or wiping it works, then there is no need to call them at all.

The newer Blackberries must be programmed from the network directly, if they are programmed manually they won't pull data through ever. This requires them to be wiped clean and start from scratch letting the phone activate and program itself from the network. I haven't had a single Blackberry work incorrectly when I have them program themselves, but I've fixed a lot of manually programmed Blackberries that are having issues. Previously this wasn't an issue, but it causes issues with the newer devices and the automatic programming.


Re: having problems with internet and everyting on blackberry tour

Agreed I had the same issue  with my 8530 that the CSR had me  manually program because it failed when i activated it and  tech support after 30 mins  had me wipe it clean and restart  after it auto programed life was good.  you might have to call sprint from a landline  and have them walk you through this  just bear in mind that any contacts on the phone or anything will be gone when they have you wipe it  however you can try backing it up to your computer using the desktop manager first.


Re: having problems with internet and everyting on blackberry tour

Sprint Data Issues?

Jay points us to this PreCentral Forum Thread where folks in New Jersey, New York, Detroit, and Philly seem to be having issues with data on Sprint. Our pals at's forums also are posting sporadic reports of the same. Twitter isn't exactly aflame with ire, but then again if data was out on Sprint, it might be hard for people to tweet it up, though @jakeroz did just tweet up that Sprint Support says there are outages. Anybody out there with Sprint data issues?

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