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iPhone 5 shipping helpp????


iPhone 5 shipping helpp????

I ordered my iPhone 5 on the 16th and I got no tracking number or anything I just got a email form sprint saying they got my payment I PREORDER THE IPHONE I TOUGH I WOULD GET IT BEFORE MY FRIENDS THAT BOUGHT IT IN THE STORE BUT NO can u help me if u know if I will get my tracking order thank u.....


Re: iPhone 5 shipping helpp????

Patience young padawan. Your iphone is being made in a factory in China and will be shipped when that wave of orders is complete. I just ordered mine on the 24th and I do not have a tracking # either although my iphone 5 Ballistic case did immediately receive a tracking number and is now sitting at my house 2 days later. is now displaying that shipping can take up to 3 weeks so, its probably just in the queue.

Also, I called the Sprint store and they only receive a few per day. So, you friend might have just gotten lucky.


Re: iPhone 5 shipping helpp????

I've been reading and there are people who have ordered their phone after your order date and received a tracking #. Go to to check the status of your order. It requires the order #

Also, check out this thread.

...the latest entry

1,209. Sep 26, 2012 3:56 PM (in response to Chris2993)

  Re: iPhone 5 Pre-Order Shipping Estimates! (UPDATE: How To Track Shipment Info On Original Post!)     

so i ordered 4 16GB iphone 5s on the 14th around 4pm and i got my tracking number today!! hopefully it will come tomarrow or friday

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