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issues exchanging phone


issues exchanging phone

I have what seems to be a  blown earpiece speaker in my 3 week old Pixi.  Took it into RadioShack  (where I bought it) to exchange it & they (as well as the other  RS stores in the district) are all out of Pixis.  Not sure what I am  supposed to do since Sprint says RS needs to replace it.


Re: issues exchanging phone

Unfortunately, that is the type of risk you take when purchasing your phone from a 3rd party retailer (like Radio Shack or Best Buy), instead of at a corporate Sprint store.  You're pretty much stuck with whatever their return policy is.  But they should at least have a 14-day return/exchange policy, especially if your phone is defective.  As long as there is no physical/water damage to the phone, they should replace it.  (You have a 30-day return/exchange period when purchasing at a Sprint store.)  If I were you, I'd take it back to Radio Shack and speak with a manager about it.  Hope that helps.

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