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my phone isnt charging.


my phone isnt charging.

i really dont want to have to go to the store. which i have done before.

i have insurance. & the last time i broke my phone, they gave me a free replacement?

isnt it supposed to be free?

i have a pretty beat up phone. & i need a new one.

both times my phone wouldnt charge.


Re: my phone isnt charging.

kaylaa199613, If you go to the store and they are unable to repair your device they will replace it for free with the same model since you have the insurance, If you were to contact assurion they will also replace your phone but for a deductible ranging between $50-$100. Also Have you looked into upgrading your device? Send the word upgrade via text to 1311 to see if your eligible. (given your phone has any battery in it.

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