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sprint is worst experience ever


sprint is worst experience ever

sold me a broken hero phone.. it happens.

told to go to physical store, they refuse to replace the phone

i call tech support, they are going to send me a box to send for replacment.

takes a full week, still don't have it.

i would be a customer with a broken phone for the first 2 weeks of my service

i call in, i get transfered 5 times, sprint changes my pin number, but puts it in wrong, so i'm telling 12 different people my first dogs name

30 day guarantee had better be a total and complete refund, or my already tweeting non-stop about this is just going to continue as i experience failure in customer service over and over.

verizon won my business, and it's not because it has a superior network or the droid phone.  it's because i'll pay $40 more a month for a company that cares enough that if they sold me a broken phone... wouldn't make me wait with it for a week while i wait for a box to send it back in, then another week for the new phone to come.

maybe this will get  your attention to take care of me even as a post-customer...  or else you will moderate and make this post disapear so i can tweet about that as well....  here goes nothin.


Re: sprint is worst experience ever

Bwahahahahah!!  Yeah, I know it isn't funny, but I have to laugh because of my experiance with Sprint.  I don't have a broken phone, but I tried to add a 2nd phone to my Sprint account and I can't.  My order went into limbo, so I'm trying to make sure the order got canceled. I'm told it's canceled but when I sign on to my online account, it says there's a plan change in process.

This has got to be the worst joke played on me, and I'm to the point where I will pay the ETF and switch to Verizon too. That's even with the higher cost.

So it looks like, Sprint will lose another customer, instead of gaining a 2nd line.

BTW, I was adding the 2nd line because I was going to move it over from Verizon.


Re: sprint is worst experience ever

I am sorry you've had a bad experience, but I am not sure what you mean by "take care of me even as a post-customer". What exactly are you looking for?


Re: sprint is worst experience ever

I suppose I meant having at least a tolerable experience leaving sprint.  After waiting the 5-7 days for the return package it arrived and to my surprize, it was nothing more than a UPS bubble envelope!  If i had been a customer still, i would have been without a working phone for another WEEK just to wait for something i could have picked up over lunch?

At this point the only thing that could slightly redeem would be a 100% refund.  But i have a feeling that "activation fees" and assorted other non-refundables aren't part of the 30-day guarantee, right?

I don't mean to sound so snarky, but i really felt I got burned and Sprint dropped the ball every single step of the way, even to the point of 5-7 day shipping via USPS of a UPS envelope.  Who is making these decisions to handle everything in these ways?

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