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$200 credit promo never received


$200 credit promo never received

I lease my LG G8X added a new line.

I select for that $200 to apply to my sprint account credit. Which I thought it could have been applied. But when I check it was never there. If you are going to have promo just to trick people into buying a new phone please don't.


It's been so long that I can't even find the tracking number. And when I ask customer service she said there wasn't one on file. I know I did it. Who would disregard claiming $200 credit?.


And she gave me this phone number and says they are open today. But they aren't when I called. So they just tossing me around no helps and still asking if I have anything else.


8444507865 is the number she gave me.


This is sad. I didn't even want the phone but only the promo was appealing. If I could go back I would never upgrade and continue using my V40.



Sprint Social Care

Hey, which promotion are you talking about? I can get some info to help out. 


December 19

Thank god i actually has the tracking number (and its under my initial number that was being added. I changed my number after) 

Despite of the tracking number i can't track anything it says error. And Sprint rep will have some call me tomorrow. But if you can fix it would be glad


I understand. Send me the tracking number in a private message, let's figure out what happened and get it fix. 


I experienced the same thing.  I added a line.  On my invoice it listed a $200 MasterCard as if it were a done deal. There was no link to register.  There is no statement anywhere on the invoice stating I need to register for the promotion.  Today, when I contacted Sprint is when I learned there is a timeline to register on some promotional web site.  That's deceptive advertising.  If there are actions that need to be taken, include that on the invoice.  Do not list the MasterCard like an item similar to how you listed the phone purchased, the waived activation fee, etc.  That's incredibly misleading.  

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