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Best Buy's or Sprint's false advertising


Best Buy's or Sprint's false advertising

This morning I ordered an unlocked Samsung Galaxy A50 via Best Buy's website to add it as a new line to my Sprint account for the $25 Unlimited Kickstart deal. I then proceeded to check out as I entered my credit card info, next my order went through, and last Best Buy took $184.79 out from my credit card. A few hours later, I get an email from Best Buy informing me to contact them about my order because Sprint is giving Best Buy activation issues. I immediately called Best Buy, and the Best Buy rep informed me what the problem was, which was I needed to pick a plan. I told the rep that the $25 Unlimited Kickstart plan was the reason for my order. Then, the Best Buy rep told me that the $25 Unlimited Kickstart plan is not available to me, and that I needed to call Sprint. Well, I did as the rep suggested and I called Sprint. None of the Sprint reps I spoke with knew what I was talking about and they told me that I needed to take it up with Best Buy. Then, several of the Sprint reps tried getting me to activate the phone with one of Sprint's three Unlimited plans. I then told the Sprint reps that I didn't have the phone because Best Buy won't give it to me until Sprint gets its act together. The Sprint reps, again, told me that I needed to take it up with Best Buy.       


I don't know what's going on, but it clearly states on Best Buy's website, "Get the Unlimited Kickstart plan with unlimited talk, text and data for just $25/month when you add a new line for Sprint and activate via one-time pay."  Well, that's exactly what I'm doing; I'm adding a new line. Therefore, why is that $25 Unlimited Kickstart plan not available to me?  


This is such false advertising and bait and switch! Sprint reels customers into Best Buy's enticing $25 Unlimited Kickstart deal, and once you've picked out an unlocked phone and placed your order, Best Buy will take your money, and then you will get an email a few hours later to be told that the $25 Unlimited Kickstart plan is not available to you, and the only plans you are qualified for are the Unlimited Basic, Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Premium plans. Again, this is totally and utterly blatant bait and switch.


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Sprint Employee

Hi there! I'd like to let you know that for a limited time, the Unlimited Kickstart will be available.

Its pricing is $35 monthly (after $5 auto-pay discount). This is great plan option if you're interested in unlimited data, talk and text.

Did you already try visiting and start your services there? If not, we recommend you to do so.

Please let me know how it goes.

We want you to take advantage of this great plan and pricing. 

Sprint Social Care

I went to a Best Buy store a few days ago, and, to my amazement, I was able to get the Unlimited Kickstart deal at $25/month and a Samsung A50 for $74.99.


It's best to go to a Best Buy store to get that deal than doing it via  

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