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No Loyalty and Poor Customer Service


No Loyalty and Poor Customer Service

I am so extremely upset right now.  I have been with Sprint for 15 years.  I upgrade my phone every 2 years without fail.  For the past 15 years I have been able to get some kind of deal for my upgrades, except this year.  I have been looking for months and have not seen any current customer deals, so I thought I would wait until Black Friday, because I have always gotten a deal on Black Friday.  Not this year.  I was very disappointed to find out that the minute you sign in to your account the discounts are gone.  I chatted with a rep that assured me that the Account Services Team had a deal for me and I was a valued customer.  I was upset because I hate having to call anywhere, but I conceded and said I would call.  (Keep in mind, in the last 15 years I may have called Sprint 2, maybe 3 times at the most - I am not a problematic customer at all).  When I get the customer service representative on the line, I tell her I am upset because there is no current customer discounts and the rep I chatted with online told me to speak to the Account Services Team.  I explained I was upset and thinking of switching companies because of all of this... what I got as an answer was infuriating.  She might as well have said we don't care.  She didn't though, she hid it in customer service speak (I was a customer service supervisor for many years, so I know how to tell a customer they are out of luck without saying so, but I at least always showed empathy to my customers - she was ruthless in saying that there was nothing that the Account Services Team was going to do.  She transferred me anyway and I was offered $10 off a month for the Note 9.  Seriously?  You are offering it to new customers for $20 a month and I have to pay $34?  This is what you, Sprint, are willing to do for a 15 year customer?  This is what you call customer retention?  I guess it doesn't matter because you figure that you get an influx of new customers every time you give away the house to the new customers. What you fail to realize is that with customers that have been with you for so long and are not problematic, you're going to get payments on time, you are going to get loyalty and you can count of this customer to be there another 15 years.  But no, you want to give away the house to an unproven customer.  When I spoke to Account Services Team member, she was very nice, but all I got was you are valued, you are valued, you are valued.  Really?  If I am valued, why am not receiving a better deal to upgrade?  Seriously!!!  I have decided that I prefer to spend the next 15 years jumping around to different carriers than to continue with Sprint that is completely full of it.  Sprint customer service says we care, but there is nothing at all that backs up those words.  I am done!

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