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Pay a higher down payment


Pay a higher down payment

I know this seems unusual but I would like to pay a higher downpayment to lower the monthly price. When I selected the Samsung s20 I was initially offered 330 down/11 per month for the phone. When I get to check out I had 2 options of 100 down or 50 down with way higher monthly payments. I have called and talked to way too many people who all say that it is generated and nothing they can do. I do not understand why you would not want more money down. Make it make sense. I start nursing school in the fall and will have to reduce my hours at work. I dont want to have to worry about a high phone bill. I am also not in a contract right now so I am not sure if that makes a difference or not. Thanks!

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I completely understand you're concerns however, the down payment amount is determined for each order and isn't a set amount for each account. Only a Sales agent will be able to tell you the down payment amount during the order process. Please know that each equipment purchase option has a separate policy for deposit and/or down payment requirements. Which is Determined by offer, device, and port-in status. A down payment may only be required when you the customer purchase equipment via installment billing (Monthly Installments). Down payments apply towards the total price of the device, reducing the loan amount that is installment-billed over the 24-month period.

Yep. I understand that. I not only do NOT have an issue paying a down payment, I would actually like to pay more than what is required to lower my monthly bill. For whatever reason your customer service reps are saying it is not possible to give you MORE MONEY UPFRONT. I would like to have a lower monthly payment. Why is this not possible? 


Honestly, that's a question you'd need to ask one of our Sales rep. 


lol I have asked about 5 customer service reps now at this point and not a single person can give me an answer. I cant go in to a store to speak to anyone because the stores are closed due to covid. Since I am no longer in a contract I guess maybe a different company will take my money. This is seriously frustrating beyond belief. 


Hey @KMoore0410 

I can totally see why this would be helpful, and like you, I don't mind paying a bit more up front to have lower monthly costs.  It's a limitation of the system right now but I'll be taking this feedback and sharing it back internally in the hopes we can allow for the option in the future. 


Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


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