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So now I’ve paid for this broken phone, I called them within 2 hours of activating it saying it’s defective. sprint is unwilling to send me a replacement, They charged me the full value of the broken phone and I have to mail it back to them & they say I have to wait 2 weeks after I mail them the broken phone to get a refund on my account and I’ll just have to buy another. They messed up by sending me a broken phone, but I’m paying for they’re mistake. I’ve been a customer for 3 years and gave them $12,480 So far. I’m not offered any promotion, I couldn’t even go into the store to buy a phone because of this broken phone they said I reached my Finance limit. So I’ll be without a phone for 2 weeks. I’m about to switch to a new company if sprint can’t make this right. This isn’t my first problem with billing and new customers get great deals but I get charged for being a loyal customer 

Sprint Social Care

Hi there, were you experiencing issues activating the device? 


No it was broken when I got it. The camera makes noise and it’s super blurry. My kids are doing distance learning I need a camera on my phone to send things to their teachers. I noticed this within 2 hours of activating my phone and I called sprint. 


This is so unfortunate, your camera is something you need. I can take a look at the notes on your account to see what can be done, also to review the notes on your account. 

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