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Sprint_Juan Is The Man!


Sprint_Juan Is The Man!

I would like to publicly thank Juan for helping me get my order issue resolved. 


My order was pending for over a month. I spent over 20 hours of my time dealing with Sprint's customer service line. They transferred me so many times and kept saying they'd call me back and never did. No one at the support line could help me or even tell me what was wrong with my order. 


Juan went above and beyond and helped get the situation straightened out. 


Sprint - you need to give Juan a raise and more paid time off because he cares enough to put in the extra effort to save a 10 year customer from switching to another provider. I've talked to so many people this past month and none of them could help me or solve the issue. Additionally none of them followed up like they said they would. Juan took care of it in less than one day. He's freaking awesome and you need to celebrate him and show how much you value him as an employee of Sprint!

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