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unable to receive order because sales associate lied


unable to receive order because sales associate lied


I can’t receive my phone because a Sales associate lied just so they could complete a sale. I needed a phone the next day because I was moving across the state the next day. Because there was an extra fee for next day delivery, I said it's ok and said I can just get it in my new city. 

I was about to walk out, but they said they could waive the cost. 


The order never came the next day and I had to fly out, so I couldn't pick it up. I checked my order status, and it says they picked 3-day shipping, meaning they lied to me just so they could complete a sale. But now I can’t pick up the order because I moved. 

Because I am moving around right now, I don’t know how long it will take to actually receive this phone. 
They said they can’t cancel it because it’s already been shipped to their store. 
I need this phone ASAP for work. Ideally I would just pick this phone up at another store that already has it, and not have to wait for this phone to get to me somehow. 
I feel extremely disappointed with the service I received, and need someone to help out so I can actually get my phone fast.


Also noticed an extra charge that doesn't even apply because I got a deal - when I looked it up I realize they just lied to me about that extra charge.

Sprint Employee

I understand how inconvenient this may be for you. I'm sorry for the hassle. Did you already try contacting our Order support department or the store that has your device to see if you could pick it up at another one?

Do you know which store has your device?

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