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Lots of us are using sprint for business, and as a small business community member, id like to extend a few tips that will save you from loosing your butt, if you're new Try it on your own, without a partner Dont pay so much for a website unless you've tried and decided there is no way you can build your own Pay when you have to, don't pay in advance, cash flow Don't use crappy services just because they show up in your inbox/mailbox. When you register your business, you are fresh meat to an entire industry that has targetted your public information (like a ficticious name statement) Let people know you're watching them This came up after I just ordered new business cards. It reminds me of back in the day when I first ordered business cards. First I ordered way too many (cash flow). I ordered 2000 cards. Second, the company, UPrinting, screwed up the order. They DID NOT want to fix it. Third. I did not even consult with anyone before making this move. What can be better than a friend vouching for a better company? I used to use t mobile, but after comparing and talking to a now-associate, I switched over to Sprint and will never look back! Anyways. Don't make the mistakes ive made. For business cards check out, I think I've ordered from them about 50 times now for flyers and business cards etc etc. I joke saying they probably have a department just for me now.
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Congratulations to the following community members who will all be receiving a Samsung Galaxy S™ ll, Epic™ 4G Touch (whew, what a mouthful).  Thanks to all those who participated.  Please keep participating in Our Sprint Community Forum for more opportunities to win cool stuff from Sprint. Llamabroth SA_Dgood arTim sghost42 MrEMan_83 HARRISRB51 Levi4U momtron4 _jaimee FredBot
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