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Question I set up a payment arrangement and Sprint tried to take it at 1:00 AM when my check goes in at 5:00 AM.  Is this normal?  Sprint really takes the money in the middle of the night?   Answer  Sprint withdraws all payments at midnight of the day you select.  Whether you have selected auto-pay or you've set up a future dated payment as part of a Payment Arrangement, the money will be withdrawn from your bank account before you get up in the morning on the day you agreed.   If your paycheck isn't usually deposited until later in the day or if you have to deposit the money by going to the bank, it is a good idea to set your payment up for the day following the one in which you expect to receive the money.  Choosing the day following will help you avoid any overdraft fees on your account and help ensure that you can use the Payment Arrangement system in the future.
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Question I had a payment arrangement for the 15th of this month.  My paycheck got here early so I made the payment on the 12th through the website.  Do I need to cancel my payment arrangement? Answer If you have an existing Payment Arrangement, is it not automatically cancelled if the bill is paid manually through the website, My Sprint Mobile or at an Automatic Payment Machine. To prevent a second payment from being withdrawn from your account, you must cancel any existing Scheduled Payments at least 24 hours in advance.   If you are thinking of paying your bill manually within 24 hours, it is best to let the Scheduled payment take place as planned.   If it is more than 24 hours before the payment is scheduled to be taken, you may be able to cancel or modify the arrangement by logging into your My Sprint account > Payment Center >  Payment Activity > Locate the Scheduled Payment > Click Modify or Cancel > Follow the prompts and agree to the terms.  
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Sprint makes it easy to create a payment arrangement.  We'll show you how.
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Question  Can I choose the date my bill is due? Answer   Your bill's due date is set automatically when you first open your account.  Unfortunately, it is not something that can be manually updated. 
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Question  I'm on the Unlimited Freedom plan and I just signed up for Auto Pay.  How do I get the $5 per line discount for Auto Pay? Answer   Once you enroll in Auto-pay, the Auto-pay discount should apply on your next bill.
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