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Money deposited after sprint tried taking payment


Money deposited after sprint tried taking payment

Okay! So I have had a series of unfortunate events and have had to set up 3 payment arrangement,  all of which I've ended up paying 100.00 on the day scheduled just later in the day.   After the hurricane and the passing of a relative and having to leave town, we are now finally back and able to get our income steady again.  I called and was rudely told that I couldnt get anymore payment arrangements. Now if I wasnt paying any PAYMENTS I would understand that entirely,  but that's not the case.  My TOTAL bill is 143.00 a month for my two devices, which is higher then agreed anyways but manageable, and I've been paying 95.00-100.00 every TWO weeks in payment arrangements, but because they cant take it themselves I now cant have my phone without paying a whole 43.00 more then I did which will only buy me 3 or 4 days apparently.  But if I had 43.00 I would OBVIOUSLY  pay because I OBVIOUSLY  have a phone to USE it.  I just cant understand for the life of me why this is an impossible task and why no one can work with me considering the circumstances and the fact that I've been making payments of that amount regularly.   Feeling really upset and defeated . 

Sprint Social Care

Re: Money deposited after sprint tried taking payment

Tahanak - Hello! My name is Juan, I am part of the Sprint social care team. I get where you are coming from. It's tough sometimes to make ends meet. I'll do my best to help you resolve this issue. I'll need some account information first. Send me a private message with your name, account holder's name, phone number, security PIN or the answer to the security question on the account.

Sprint Social Care
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