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Payment arrangement help


Payment arrangement help

I’m am currently in the hospital from a fall with a broken fibula, and at 83 they are holding me hostage.  I’ve had my services less than a month now and it says I have a past due balance but never received a bill. I am trying to schedule a payment and it’s asking for a upfront payment. If I had access to my account I could pay the full bill, I just need an extension until I am released from the hospital.  If someone could please help that would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Payment arrangement help

Oh no, sorry to hear about your fall. There's going to be a lot of things at play here. If you didn't receive a paper bill, you're probably signed up for eBill. Since you've only had the service for around a month, I'm surprised a payment arrangement is option, even with an upfront payment, Do you know if you have a payment method saved to the wallet?





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Re: Payment arrangement help

I need payment help also is this how I post for a pm ???

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