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I would like to submit a formal complaint. I had a horrible experience with a finance customer service rep by the name of Ivan. I called to change a payment arrangement date from 8/29 to 9/8. He asked for a $100 deposit. I explain I do not have the money. He became very adamant and verbal abusive by saying due to my account history I need to make a payment. I explained that in the past I never had to pay anything and when I made the payment arrangement back on 8/14 that information was not disclosed to me. The conversation became very uncomfortable so I asked for a manager. He says there is no need to speak to a manager. I asked "Are you refusing to put a manager on the phone?" He finally says "You will have to wait 10 minutes and then transfer me to start the call all over again.

At this time; still no resolution. I've been a customer since 2011 and never experience such a condescending and inappropriate behavior.

Can someone please assist?

Thank you

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Re: Payment

Hey Shantasha, I'm sorry to hear that you were treated poorly. A little bit about payment arrangements, just to help you and others reading here understand what's going on, there are several circumstances in which customers may have to pay a portion of their bill up front before making a payment arrangement.  Depending on how many days past due the account is, how much the bill is etc. It isn't something that the agent decides arbitrarily, it's set in the system. If there is an amount due, agents are not able to override that requirement. The same thing can apply if the account is already suspended or hot-lined. At a certain point, the system simply won't allow the setup  of a payment arrangement or restore services without requiring at least a portion of the past due amount to be paid.


I can ask an agent to submit feedback about your experience if you'd like, but I do need you to be aware that we won't be able to override that payment requirement. Thanks!


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