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I am highly upset with the way I have been treated in customer service, especially via chat! I would like a complete breakdown of my Bill's, including payments and what payments posted to which bill. I dont understand how my balance was 540.77 on 12/23. On 12/24, I paid 270.56 (past due.) On 12/25 i get new bill for 540.77..again?? (Still unsure how I am so behind) I paid $200 on 1/24 and after arguing and threatening to change providers, Aaron in chat arranged to have the 340.77 drafted on 2/3 . Can you tell me why the hell my service was disconnected on 2/2?? I've been told it is because my balance is 39 days old. But wait! Not the whole balance..just the remaining 70.56 I couldn't afford with my $200 payment to you on 1/24. Now I am unreachable for another week but maybe longer since you just increased my balance to 611.70!!! Who the hell pays that for 2 phones per month??? And since you suspended my acct, your trying to force me to pay the full amount before I regain service. I have 2 small children. 1 is an infant and and the other is in school. He had an emergency at school and the office could not reach me!! This is not ok! All I have asked is for 1 more week to get the 340.77 on 2/11 and you refuse my money.  I'm done with the games. $611 for phones...That balance is high mainly for your mistakes  and lack of caring about anything but money money money , RIDICULOUS! I have mouths to feed, I work hard to make sure my family is fed and sheltered, not to pay a $600 phone bill. 

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Good morning. Let's go over thew account and see what's going on. My name is Juan and I'm with the Sprint social care department. Please send us a private message with your name, account holders name, phone number, account PIN or answer to the security question.

Sprint Social Care
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