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SOLUTION: Phone Always Says Roaming While in Sprint Coverage


 Why does my device always says "Roaming"?



Sprint devices may roam in areas they did not roam previously. This is by design and is a result of updated acquisition files being pushed to devices to prefer LTE roaming over Sprint 3G. Sprint does not charge customers for Domestic roaming voice, data or SMS usage. Please do not swap devices. 


In the past, the device was told to look for Sprint LTE first, then Sprint 3G.  Now, it's told to look for Sprint LTE first, then Roaming LTE, next Sprint 3G, and then finally 3G/2G roaming.  This is to keep the fast LTE data speeds before dropping to 3G or lower.  By default, devices are set to automatic, meaning it will attach to the strongest signal should it be ours or a competitor's.  If the constant "Roaming" sign on your screen is making you nervous, you can set your device from automatic to LTE/CDMA.

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