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SOLUTION: Automatic Call Recording on GS9/GS+


This document is intended to educate our customer regarding the use of Automatic Call Recorder (ACR) application on Galaxy S9/S9+ devices.


Some Galaxy S9/S9+ users have reported that they are unable to use some third party Automatic Call Recorder (ACR) applications, even though they had worked on previous Samsung devices.


Based on Google security policy and local laws, Samsung software blocks call recording using third party ACR applications.  Some applications which may have worked on previous Samsung devices may not work on the Galaxy S9/S9+ as a result.


In the event that local law permits call recording, voice recording during calls will be available using the preloaded Phone (Dialer) application.  This functionality will be launched in an upcoming software update once a review of call recording laws in each area is completed.


Note: No exchanges for devices for this intended software behavior.


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