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2 Questions About My Monthly Bill

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2 Questions About My Monthly Bill

I have two questions about my monthly bill...

I started with Sprint back in October 2009 and have been with them ever since continually. I started with the Instinct S30, then moved up to the Samsung Moment and then moved to the Evo 4G which I have now. I started on the $69.99 everything plan and kept that until about a month ago.

My cousin asked if she could join my plan, so I said sure, went down and got her an Evo 4G too. They said our bill was going to be high for the first month and now this is our first month of actually paying and it says $381.70! Is that right for our first month? Will it go down by alot next month? When I check online, it says that I am under the $69.99 plan and she's under the $129.99 plan. Is that correct to be seeing that?

My other question is that we both have the Evo and in the Los Angeles area...well there's not too much 4G here and neither of us really use it. We like the phones more for the large screen, Android, HDMI, among a few other things. Now I'm finding out that we are just about to get 4G here!!! So my first response was "Why am I paying for 4G if I technically don't have it here???" Is there any way that we can have Sprint shut down the 4G radio in our phones and not charge us the $10 a month extra? I know it sounds bizarre, but with a bill like this, you have to say, "What can I cut?" 4G is really not even that great when I did use it, so I really can go without it for a while.

Sorry, I'm a newbie here so it'll take me some time to get my questions out clearly. Thank you for the replies in advance.


Re: 2 Questions About My Monthly Bill

First off, Im assuming that you all want to share a plan. If that is the case then you need to call us at 18882114727 and we will get you on the everything 1500 shared for $129.99 so that you will not be billed for two plans. This will definitely save you money. The $10 service charge is not for 4G. It is for the services of enhanced data that you receive with phones like the EVO, epic, etc.If you are in a 4G city or not and you have a phone like this, you will be charged the $10 and it cannot be removed. Hope my answers helped, have a great day!


Re: 2 Questions About My Monthly Bill

Thanks OBustin30.

Sorry I took so long getting back hasn't crossed my mind to check back here plus Sprint doesn't have the best layout to want to come back to forums.

I resolved my issue with my bill and thank you. The representative I talked to this morning fixed my bill. It seems a little high for me still, but it's fine. Better than paying $200 lol thank you again.

As for the 4G, well thanks for the help. I use 4G a little more now than I used to so I don't have as much of a problem paying for it now lol

Thanks again for the help and sorry it took me so long to thank you. Your advice was 100% true and helpful.

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