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Account owner left but I still want to upgrade


Account owner left but I still want to upgrade

Hello, Sprint community! 

My sister opened an account with sprint and added me onto it as a second line. She left soon after and I am alone in this account but it is still under her name. I currently own a Galaxy Note5 and would like to upgrade it to the Note8 and would like to set it for in store pickup. Will I have a problem picking up the phone? The Note5 is in my name and so is the line that I will be upgrading but when I attempt to make the purchase online it asking me to confirm that my information is correct. It has my sister's name. I wanted to know if there will be an issue when I attempt to retrieve the phone in store tomorrow. 

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Re: Account owner left but I still want to upgrade

Hello RayRaymizzle. Only the person who made the order can pick it up, so if the order is coming under your sister's name, your sister has to be present in order to complete the transaction. Click here for more details. My recommendation would be to order the phone to deliver it to your physical address or add yourself online as an authorized in-Store delegate to upgrade at the store directly.


For future and better experience, it would be good to transfer this line under your name. You can do this with your sister's approval via a change of ownership of your line. Please visit to start.


Sprint Social Care
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