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Apple care


Apple care

In December 2018 I joined the sprint network and qualified for an iPhone 7 but all the store had in stock we’re refurbished phones. Now my phone is cutting up n Sprint tells me bc the phone is an older model, I don’t qualify for apple care. I’m very pissed bc my FaceTime keeps hanging up and when I’m on speaker, no one can hear me🤬🤬


Hi Esha. There are a few things we would want to check in on to try and help out with this. The first thing we will want to check on will be the network in the area. Can we get your cross-streets and zip code? If you aren't comfortable putting that in public, go ahead and drop me a PM and we can check in on things for you. 


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Hello , I hav a new iphone xs I checked the warranty on the apple webside and is saying that has standandt warranty until nov 2019 ,  If I add to this device sprint complete that will atuomatically add the apple care?  I had the option of purchasing apple care tru apple but the 60 days of purchase have passed. what are the rules with sprint complete and iphone to quilify for the apple care+ 

thank you 


Is there an issue with your phone now? Unfortunately, Apple Care can't be added outside of 60 days. You can still add Sprint Complete through open enrollment, as long as the phone is still in good working condition.





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