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Blackberry Playbook 4g?


Blackberry Playbook 4g?

when does it come

what is the price per gb

and what is the 2yr agreement price

explain  what is the monthly service fee... smh speak up sprint or anyone


Blackberry Playbook 4g?

The Blackberry Playbook will not have Sprint service, it is a "wifi only" tablet.  It will also be sold as an "accessory only" for $499.99 // Since it doesn't have Sprint service, there will no contract renewal and no upgrade or new-line discounts available for the device.  There will be a tethering option from an existing blackberry phone for $29.99 per month.  Meaning, if you own a blackberry handset on the Sprint network, you can add the $29.99 plan which will allow a Bluetooth tethering option for sharing information between your CDMA BlackBerry phone and the BlackBerry PlayBook wirelessly. 


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