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Bonus minutes


Bonus minutes

So a year ago, I got 50 bonus minutes from Sprint for being a good customer and for being with them for 10 years. I added my niece to my account last week and my bonus minutes are taken away. I talked to some Freddi guy on the chat thingy and first he says because my plan changed that I am no longer eligible for it. A few minutes later he said, oh yeah we don't offer anymore bonus anymore. Well which one is it? So annyoing. I have told many people that I really like Sprint and even had them switched over. I regret all that. After my contract is up with them next year I'm done with Sprint. Some of their customer services don't know what they are talking about. They need to give all their employees the same training and same information.


Re: Bonus minutes

I'm sorry to hear about your frustrating and inconsistent experience with the reps.  Let me forward your message to someone in our Loyalty department and get her take on your situation.

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