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Buying a Plan online?


Buying a Plan online?

I was looking around at phones here on the website as I am looking for a cell phone company to go with and noticed a lot of them have it where you can get it for free if you sign up for a 2-yr plan online. How do you sign up for a plan online? I know you can add it to your cart along with the phone but I guess what I want to know is when do you pay your first bill? I went through the checkout to see if I could figure it out and it said you pay for the phones now and the bill later. So how long after purchasing the phones online do you make your first bill payment?

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Re: Buying a Plan online?

Your 1st bill would be due about 3 weeks after you activate your services. At least a 20-day interval from the Invoice Date.

Example If your bill cycles on the 1st it would be due around the 24th.

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