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Cancel line on my plan - to start a new plan on Sprint.


Cancel line on my plan - to start a new plan on Sprint.


I don't really know where to post this or if this has already been answered.  My apologies, in advance.  I have an account with two lines.  The second line on my account would like to be removed to start her own plan by herself.  Is this possible?  She will have been on my plan for a year in March 2011.  I do not plan on leaving Sprint and neither does she but she would like to start her own plan with the same number.  Is this possible to remove it from my account and allow her to start her own?  Or will the cancel/early termination fees apply and then she must sign a new two year contract?  I don't know if it matters but I am the premium member on the account and just resigned my contract in order to upgrade to the Epic.  Will this matter?

Any help would be great.  Thank you!


Re: Cancel line on my plan - to start a new plan on Sprint.

I can't tell if (1) the two of you are currently together on a shared plan and the other subscriber wants to stay on your account but get her own plan, or if (2) she wants to get her own account.

If (1), then there is definitely no impact to neither one of your contracts.  Assuming you are both on a shared plan, you each would have to pick an individual plan that is compatible with your phones.  That is like a plan change which doesn't extend the length of the service agreement.

If (2), then there's no impact to your contract for sure, and neither would she have to pay an early termination fee because she will continue her service with Sprint.  However, for a new account, a credit check will need to be run for her to determine if she needs to pay a deposit and/or if there will be an spending limit for her new account.  Here's some additional information regarding "change of ownership":

  • A Change of Ownership is completed when an active line of service is moved from the owner of an existing account to a new owner (for example, line 913-794-xxxx is moved from Jane Smith’s account to John Doe’s account).
  • A Change of Ownership can be completed calling Customer Care, or at a retail store.
  • A Change of Ownership does not affect rebate eligibility.
    • Exception: A Change of Ownership affects rebate eligibility for a Premier customer moving their primary line to a non-Premier account. The line no longer has the benefits of the Premier rebate status. 
  • The remaining Agreement time is assumed by the new owner.
    • The Agreement effective date will be the date of the Change of Ownership, but the term length will only be what remains from the original Agreement.
  • The new owner will need to pay a deposit if one is required.
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