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Casual Data Charges


Casual Data Charges

I've read these discussions about casual data charges popping up on bills and have the same problem.  This month it's $75.  Sounds like I'm going down the same road as everyone else who does not want a data plan and just wants a phone to be a phone.  I will say they get one chance to fix this the right way.  I have prepared a FCC form 2000B complaint as well as one for the FTC and BBB.  I have been with Sprint for over 11 years and will give them a chance to correct this problem.  That would be my suggestion to all others, not to deal with this for over a year or two to get $10 or $20 back per month.  i will fight tooth and nail to get these removed otherwise my phones will be shut off, my service canceled and I will dispute any and every charged sent my way.  My cell service has gone downhill, I get dropped calls at least twice per day, my customer service experience has followed (has anyone else noticed that you can ask a direct question and not get an actual answer?), I get charged 1.99 for each line to actually receive a bill (still haven't figured out why I get a bill to get a bill), and now I get data charges for a phone that I know was plugged into a wall and I was asleep at 12:23 am on Easter Sunday when I supposedly accessed 463kb of data.  One chance Sprint... and No I won't be able to say you fixed my problem...

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Re: Casual Data Charges

I am sending you a private message to get more info and to resolve your issue.


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