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Change or update your rate plan online


Change or update your rate plan online

How can I see my plan?//change my plan online? Is Boost the same as sprint?///I have been with Sprint since you had beepers//other plans seem a lot better than my charge for this month/$93.75. Please email me back I can get 2 months including unlimited min./text/etc.with almost all other carriers. Thank-you sincerely, Dale [...]

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Re: Change or update your rate plan online

To change/update your rate plan online, sign into with your username and password. When you are logged on, you will need to select the "my account" tab underneath the welcome back message. In the "my account" section, on the right side of the page will be a section that says "I want to...," that section has an option to "change my services/plan." This is where you can make changes.Hope this helps!!!!

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