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Data plan for one line...


Data plan for one line...

I was interested in buying this phone, but I was wondering if it was possible to add the data plan to only one line on my phone, since not all the phones in my plan would need it. Also, if this is possible, does anyone know what a full data plan includes, and how much it would cost for one line?

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Re: Data plan for one line...

Moving your post over to the Plans sub-community where it will be more likely to get addressed.  Thanks!


Re: Data plan for one line...

I happened to read this earlier (didn't have time to respond then) so I know you are referring to the Samsung Moment.

The Moment (like most currently offered smartphones) requires an Everything Data or Simply Everything plan. So you would have to change the family plan to include the data on all of the phones.

If you go with a non-smartphone however (a basic or messaging phone for example), you can add data to a single line for $15. If you want to add GPS Navigation, or extra channels of SprintTV, there is a $25 data plan as well that includes those.

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