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Do Mobile Hotspot Caps Apply to Unlimited PAM?


Do Mobile Hotspot Caps Apply to Unlimited PAM?

After reading several threads about the new MHS terms and lmitations, I want to know if these changes apply to UNLIMITED PAM?  If so, to what extent?  Were customers with PAM notified? 


Re: Do Mobile Hotspot Caps Apply to Unlimited PAM?

Hey MissMeHuh, I understand the concern in regards to these changes to our polices.  When it comes to Sprint Mobile Hotspot a 5GB limit was placed starting in 10/2011 which notifications were sent to all our customers 30 days prior to the change.  As for Phone as a Modem capabilities this is a separate feature which requires the price plan applied to the account for its full functionality, this is a service Sprint only supports if you had the feature price plan applied to your account before mid-2010 when we changed our policies to only support Phone as a Modem on Corporate Liable accounts only.

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