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Dumb Phone plans


Dumb Phone plans

Okay is it just me or the changes that sprint has made are really dumb?  I mean for the phones that require 4G network I understand but premium data for all smart phones I mean come on are they really trying to loose their customers, I'm just trying to ride out my contract and move on from this mess.  I'm on a plan that has 1500 min unlimited text and data (UNLIMITED DATA) what would I want with a premium data when I'm just fine with the data service I currently have I just want a regular smartphone not a 4G phone....sprint needs to get it together cause their gonna start loosing customers I figure being with the company for 5yrs it would start paying off but its not.  Totally not worth it.


Dumb Phone plans

The reason for the premium data charge for smart phones is that smart phones use a lot more data than feature phones about 10x more data. on average.  It is not and has never been for4g service.   Yes the first phone with this  charge was the EVO4g  but that is becasue even before it was released we knew it would use alot of data.   Since that time the growth of  Smart phones has lead to the data charge for them

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