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Everything Data Family/Share 1500


Everything Data Family/Share 1500

So, I just upgraded to the Everything Data Family/Share 1500 plan. What all is actually included in this plan? Is the Family Locator included, or is there an extra fee. Is Sprint Navigator included? Does this include the PRO Pack that's required to access Sprint Mobile Email WORK?

Also, is there a way to use Gmail Chat from my LG Rumor Touch with this plan?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Everything Data Family/Share 1500

We have had this plan for over a year and love it. We use 2 palm pro's an EVO and an LG rumor 2 on it.

As far as I know Family Locator is not included it is an aditionl $5.00 a month.

Sprint navigation is included I use it faithfully.

As far as chat it depends on if your phones hardware/software will run itand if it is a free chat service all of your data usage is free.

I'm not familiar with the PRO pack sorry.

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