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Family plan and premium data pack rip off!


Family plan and premium data pack rip off!

I am one of those with an old fair and flexiable plan (best plan they ever had, just never marketed right in the first place).  With one smart phone and 3 other lines with NO TEXT or INTERNET I pay $105 a month.  To upgrade my phone, I have to change my plan to the 1500 minute family plan and my bill goes up by $70.  Each phone line is $20 extra a month when ANY other plan is only $10 per phone.  Since most of Sprint's phone are now smart phones, then most have to that extra $10 on top of it.  That is a TOTAL rip off and their people on the phone say that you save money and you cannot get anything cheaper elsewhere.  One of my family menbers just got a smart phone on another carrier with unlimited text and internet (3G) for $45 a month.  For the same service I would pay $80 for the same phone on Sprint.  So guess what, you can, and she LIED!.

I only use 700 minutes or less per month average, so why should I pay that much more and use less than 50% of the minutes?  Plus pay for texting and internet on all phones, when only one will use it.  AND pay the premium data charge AND pay $20 per phone instead of $10.  Can you say RIP-OFF!

Plus it was reported and complained about over a year ago, and marketing was supposed to come up with something, never did.  I myself emailed links off THIS site, with people just like me pointing this out, and asking for something more reasonable.  We are being IGNORED!  And there were HUNDREDS of postings, which means there were ten of thousands feelling the same way.

I have a friend or two at the local Sprint stores and they say people are dropping their accounts over this disparity in pricing.


email, FLOOD them til they listen to US, their customers.

Drop your smartphone and data plans AND TELL THEM WHY!

Keep complaining by phone or email until they WAKE UP!

The problem is a bunch of marketing MBA's who think they know it all and will not listen to us.  But we have the power if we band together and make ourselves heard in a REASONABLE MANNER.  Or we make sure, when we cancel our accounts, they know why.

Make them wake-up and smell the coffee, then both they and we win.

Good Luck


Re: Family plan and premium data pack rip off!

I have the shared plan with 1500 minutes. Never use more than 500 between the 2 of us. Add to that the $10 per line premium data charge, and yes, that equals Rip-Off. My wife doesn't even know HOW to use a feature requiring data. Most of the time she forgets the phone at home. We have to have an AirRave just to get a good signal, so data is not even an issue. And why should someone with a Galaxy S3 be charged a premium data charge when the best I can hope for is 3G. The phone does not support 4G and LTE is a long way off.

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