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Free year of service. Feel scammed


Free year of service. Feel scammed

I called a rep last week and was told that my phone was eligible for the free year of service and now after running my credit and charging me for a sim car suddenly a new rep says that my phone is not eligible, yet I can still bring it over if I want to pay full price. I feel scammed. Now I have a ding against my credit and out $4 for a sim. More than anything I am upset about being lied to and based on the posts, I do not think I am alone. Funny thing is that I tried having them check a completely unlocked phone as well and mysteriously not eligible either. This is a Verizon phone, which states on the web page for the free year of service is pretty much eligible. So why is it after checking 3 different phones imei’s are none eligible? Bait and switch? I don’t know, but very frustrating that I can’t get the free year of service or the $10 off a month promo cause of ineligibility, but I can get their service for full price. 


Re: Free year of service. Feel scammed

Before starting the process of BYOD and free for a year, I would think that the phone would need to be checked also. I'd like to look at the phone for you. We may be able to get it added to the database, so it can be used. 





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