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From SERO to iPhone 4s?


Re: From SERO to iPhone 4s?

       Agent: Yes, you $ 10 premium data  add on is required to activate IPhone.

Customer: but why if i already have 3g service
Agent: Let me explain.
Agent: Sprint began applying its $10 per month Premium Data Add-on to customers who activate any smartphone on 1/30/2011.
Agent: Premium Data Add-on previously was applied only to 4G capable devices like HTC EVO 4G, HTC EVO Shift 4G and Samsung Epic 4G.
Agent: It is now being extended to new activations and upgrades to all smartphones.
Agent: The Premium Data Add-on is a way for Sprint to continue to provide smartphone users the value of unlimited pricing on the Sprint network while still giving them the data experience customers have come to expect.
Customer: yeah but the ervice is still the same
Agent: The charge has always been to address the increased costs associated with operating smartphones on the Sprint network.
Agent: It is systematically required to activate the phone.

Agent: Without $ 10 premium data add on it is not possible to activate IPhone.

this is from a chat i had with a rep <----------read this too it tells you you have to pay it no matter what

that was my biggest complaint because its the same service and you have to pay 10 dollars more for what you already have.


Re: From SERO to iPhone 4s?

Thanks Liquid-X you are AWESOME i was happy to hear that i could update the phone i have now to the HTC touch pro 2 its better than nothing so i get a new phone and keep my plan !!! i had to go through a third party vendor to just buy the phone straight out but who cares the phone will be paid for with the 20 dollars i will be saving from not upgrading to the iphone.....your right its too good of a plan to  give up.


Re: From SERO to iPhone 4s?

Thanks BrooklynLV

Sprint has changed the rules for the Iphone. The SERO Premium includes the fee to have a smartphone, thats the "Premium" part, but they chose to add the Iphone to the 4G charge. So technically, I believe the agent misinformed you in saying it is because its a smartphone. Here is some info courtesy of TOMAS_


Yes, Sprint has changed the rules yet again, and currently the Sprint SERO Premium customers WILL get charged the extra $10 MRC for any 4G phone AND the iPhone.

So, the playing field now looks like this (subject to change):

  • SERO Basic covers basic and feature phones only - not usable with smartphones.
  • SERO Premium covers all 3G smartphones EXCEPT the iPhone.
  • SERO Premium plus the extra $10/month charge covers 4G capable smartphones AND the 3G iPhone.

Hope that helps clarify the current Sprint SERO rules...

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