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Having Proof of Accreditation


Having Proof of Accreditation


My family recently made the switch from T-Maybe to Sprint - and I was extremely ecstatic over having the EVO 3D (at last!)

But events have been going in the wrong direction recently. We were told of a $125 credit for switching from another carrier to Sprint. Since we've 4 phones we'd be seeing a deduction of $500 in our October bill. 

Our issue is one of assurance - having proof.

We've nothing in writing (or electronically) that states that we indeed have successfully earned the credit by properly applying online for all 4 phones @

In fact, after registering, the date seems incriminating - saying that we registered/phoned-in @ 7/21/2011 1:33 AM. 72hrs past this time indicates a eligibility failure. (diametrically contrary to the Sprint costumer service representatives words)

My mother has decided that today our service will be canceled, and our phones returned.

Please help, because without proof my beloved service and phone will disappear. 


Having Proof of Accreditation

I apologize for this issue that your family is having a problem with this.  This information should have been confirmed via email when this information was submitted. If a store rep took care of it, a confirmation number should have been provided. The registration should have been done within the 72 hours of the port in being completed. It only needs to be done once per account. On the same website, it is possible to check and ensure that the information has been submitted. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. You do have the right to continue service with us or cancel within the first 30 days. We hope your family will reconsider leaving us.


Having Proof of Accreditation

Thank you for such a quick response!

Not receiving an email confirmation became (and is still) a major concern for us. If we could just receive some sort of documentation for our records a lot of worriment would be cleared. (Imagine October's bill arriving and no $500 "Valued Customer Service Credit" present!)

If possible, I can message you information (like the online initial request confirmation numbers, PIN, phone numbers etc..), and you or someone else could email over a confirmation to my email.

With just a confirmation email, this matter will be put at rest.   


Having Proof of Accreditation

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