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Help with upgrading my family's plan

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Help with upgrading my family's plan

My family has had the same plan for a while and my dad hasn't done anything to change it despite me telling him we could be getting a better one for the money so I'm interested if there is really something better at the moment. Currently we have 4 phones on a 1400 minute shared family talk plan. Then my father is paying extra money each month so all phones have texting, and the extra $15 each month so his phone can have the data. This comes out to around $170 each month. The rest of my family would like data as well, and i saw the everything data family plan with 1500 minutes is $129 per month for two lines plus $19.99 extra for the next two lines, so this plan should be $170/month right? Would we be able to switch the plan easily? because the main reason my dad wont switch is that he thinks there will be extra charges for changing the plan before ours is up. If it makes any difference, i know my phone is elligable for an upgrade. Thanks for any help.


Re: Help with upgrading my family's plan

Is your existing plan $170 after taxes/surcharges?

Your math is correct it would be $170, But there would also be taxes/surcharges. It would be closer to $190-200.

If he belongs to a credit union he qualify's for a 10% discount, Maybe up to 27% depending on where he works.

As far as any charges for changing plans, There wouldn't be any. Sprint has the "Right Plan Promise" that allows you to switch plans without penalty, And it does not extend your contract.

If he has any questions have him come here and we will gladly help.


Re: Help with upgrading my family's plan

Yes i guess you're right, our current one is 170 with surcharges. Thank you very much for the info, its all more clear now.

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