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How do I add an existing phone to my family plan and how much does it cost?


How do I add an existing phone to my family plan and how much does it cost?

I would like to add my son to my plan. He has a phone he got off craigslist. Can I add him to the shared plan? What will the activation cost? If he moves to an area where Sprint service is poor will it cost me anything for him to get off my plan? I just switched to Sprint with a 2 year commitment and love my Evo.

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Re: How do I add an existing phone to my family plan and how much does it cost?

If you already have a shared plan you can theoretically have up to 5 lines on the plan.  You need to meet the following conditions:

  • You must be eligible to add another line per your credit evaluation.  E.g., if you already have 2 and the max limit of devices you can have is 2, you couldn't add another line.  Customer Care can tell you how many phones you can have and whether there'd be a deposit required or if there's a spending limit for the new line.
  • The phone must be a Sprint phone and cannot be reported lost or stolen.  Customer Care would know when trying to activate the phone.

Since you already have the EVO, you must be on one of the Everything Data plans or the Simply Everything plan.  All phones are compatible with those plans, so it's good news you won't have to change plans to get the phone for your son added.  However, depending on the plan you're on, there will be a monthly service charge for your son's phone.  If you have the Everything Data plan and your son's phone will be the 3rd, 4th or 5th phone, there will be a $19.99/mo charge.  If you are on the Simply Everything plan, the monthly cost for your son's line will be $89.99.

Regarding coverage:

  • Your son should definitely learn about the coverage he will have before activating the phone.  He can look up the coverage quality of the locations where he will be making most of his calls at  He can read more about coverage definitions and what to expect at

Regarding the activation fee:

  • There is a $36.00 one-time activation fee that is also taxable.

Regarding the termination fee:

  • They are prorated.  You can look up what you'd have to pay at any given point at

Let us know if this triggers more questions!

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