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I need some advice, CSRs are misleading and inaccurate


I need some advice, CSRs are misleading and inaccurate

I recently canceled my plan yesterday morning, I was told that my service would be shut off today. The reason I did this was to open up a whole new account and start fresh. I had an individual plan with a 15% discount (everything data 450). The first rep told me I would have to wait 45 days after canceling my current service to open up another account through sprint, but after speaking to another I was told I could open an account instantly after cancelation.

I need a shared plan with 2 lines, I currently pay for both my girlfriends plan (cricket), plus mine, which is usually around $130 or so. I want to open a new account but I am not sure what to do anymore because speaking with multiple CSRs has confused the hell out of me. I am trying to open either Everything Data 1500 shared with a 25% discount, or the Everything Plus 1600. I am also purchasing 2 new phones with the opening of the account, assumingly the Evo 3d for me and the regular evo 4g for my girlfriend. What should I do? Which is a better deal? Should I request that my account not be canceled and just add a line and upgrade my current phone? I am not eligible for an upgrade with my phone as of now because I had to replace it do to water damages a few months back. My Epic 4g is barely operable so a new phone is a must, and if I upgrade it to the 3d it is going to costly. I feel as if my brain was ninja'd by the reps who have presumably tryed to help. What should I do?

Are there any other options out there that would be better? How could I do this smoothly and have the lowest possible bill that I could have without ripping my hair out in frustration. I realize that even the lowest possible bill is still costly with Sprint, but after trial and error testing with the checkout service the prices varied tremendously from $129/m up to over $200.

Please help me...


I need some advice, CSRs are misleading and inaccurate

Yeah i know how u feel reps always give conflicting info. But i know from my own experience that sprint will not let u cancel and then start service. There is a 90 day waiting period. Also if u want help u need to post more info like how many phones u want on the account whats the least amount of minutes etc.. Also unless i'm reading your post wrong u want to have your girlfriend move from cricket to sprint? if so sprint has a special that if u port your number from another carrier to a new account on sprint u get a $150 dollar credit. My advice is to cancel your account then have your girlfriend port her number from cricket and have it in her name then all u would have to pay is $49 for the one evo 3d and $199 each for any additional evo 3d. Also once you pay all that u owe sprint on your account the esn should be fine and u can sell any phones from that account. If u follow my advice u could end up with evo 3d's for free after everything is said and done.


Re: I need some advice, CSRs are misleading and inaccurate

Well I explained it all to the rep. I personally asked that if I canceled my account on the spot that I would be eligible to instantly start a new service. I know of the porting of her phone and I intend to untilize that to get some of my money back, So are you saying if (after cancelation) I register the plan in her name and port her number into sprint that since the account is technically in her name that I would not have to have that waiting period that they cant decide whether or not I will have. Will I eventually be able to switch the account back into my name? She isn't very bright when it comes to technology and I don't want any more complications than I already have. As of now I do not owe Sprint anything, in fact my current balance is -$80.00. I have been a sprint customer for 3 years and have been steady in payments, yet I never get any incentives that are worth the while. Also, if the account was in her name, would that entitle the phone she uses as the primary line? Would I have to sit behind her and give her step by step directions to set this up? Or could I do it myself to prevent any more incompentencies?

WIth a new account and 2 lines of service I could utilize the $199 price for the evo and the reduced price of $49 for the other evo due to the porting of her number.

Does this sound pausible? Because 2 out of 10 reps thinks it is, but they just tell me what I want to hear

As for my requried services I basically just want the TEP for both new phones, and I want to have a trial of the Mobile Hotpost on my phone option to see how much it is worth it, seeing as when I am at her house she has very limited/no internet connection.

I simply want the minimum addons for the services, either the 1500 minute everything data with my 15% company discount, the 25% company discount through a friends company or the 1600 minute everything plus data with the sprint employee referal. 



I need some advice, CSRs are misleading and inaccurate

Best bet is to add a line and upgrade the phones, you will be entering a new contract by doing that and therefore get the phone discounts currently available.  Best way to make sure the csr gives you the best deal is to go to the website and shop around without logging in and see what the pricing shows for "new" service.  I went through this three times now as I started with a 2 line account with minutes only then added a phone and texting, then about a year later added a 4th phone and data.  Each time I added in a line I also upgraded an existing phone, currently we have unlimited data and texting with the 1400 family plan, 2 phones that were upgraded free within the last 6 months and one that was upgraded last month, all at the current web pricing (free for one 49 for second and 119 for third)


I need some advice, CSRs are misleading and inaccurate

The only problem with that is my account was deactivated seeing as its a new billing cycle. When I asked to upgrade my existing plan I was told I would get the new line for the discounted price and the extra phone to replce mine for the listing price, which is $575 or something I tried what the rep told me to do today and he was wrong, I cannot open another service because it says error processing card, check to see if the information is correct and it is. I was wondering if maybe he was right, although I honeslty dont esnt someone else signing for my plsn because that could lead to a whole othe criis. anyone knoe if I can buy like a prepaid visa and use that until I can change it back to my primary card? ciz it seems as if its the card info that is blocked for the 45-90 days


I need some advice, CSRs are misleading and inaccurate

I hope to be able to clear somethings up... can't tell you what to do but...

Sprint policy is to reopen an account if it's been closed for less than 45 days. After 45 you may open an account as a new customer. If you were to open a new account you will be subject to a new credit check but you will get new customer pricing.

Hope this helps clear things up a little.

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